Signature Treatment Programs from Dr. Moore

ARCH realizes that many patients suffer from chronic pain due to illness and previous injuries and that sometimes, medical management of chronic pain with narcotic pain medications may be the only option. We want to help our patients manage and control chronic pain, and our program does just that.


Chronic Pain

Patients may present to our clinic indicating that there is a chronic illness or a previous injury that causes chronic pain. It is frequently difficult to determine if the pain source is due to a chronic medical problem, or if the patient has simply developed a significant dependence upon opiate pain medication. Patients in chronic pain and taking high doses of opiate pain medication frequently cannot make this distinction.  

Our providers are here to help. We will help tease out the source of the pain, whether it is an actual physical condition or a mental dependence upon pain medication. In order to start this process, it is mandatory that the patient provide our clinic and providers with documentation that supports the diagnosis or previous injury. This may include medical records from previous providers or diagnostic imaging studies. Medical records from previous providers are acceptable only if the notes provide evidence of a prior work up and evaluation of the diagnosis. Medical records from a provider that only reveal prescription of pain medications and no evaluation are not acceptable.

ARCH only uses long-acting narcotic pain medications for the management of chronic pain, and no short-acting narcotics will be prescribed. If a patient has “breakthrough” pain, this means that the long-acting pain medication dose needs to be adjusted. Patients with chronic pain need to be treated with chronic pain medication and not short-acting pain medication. Patients interested in our chronic pain management program must agree to discontinue the use of short-acting opiate pain medications.