Signature Treatment Programs from Dr. Moore

ARCH is Denver’s leading provider of buprenorphine replacement medication for opiate addiction. Buprenorphine has been shown to be an effective replacement medication for patients suffering from opiate addiction as well as those who have developed tolerance to other opiate medications.


Opiate Replacement

For patients with opiate addiction who wish to be placed on or continue with buprenorphine, our medical team will perform an assessment to determine if the patient is a good candidate for the replacement program.  Patients enrolled in the program are initially seen weekly and then require monthly visits with the medical provider.  ARCH Detox also offers Probuphine, the buprenorphine implant treatment used to treat opiate use disorder.  Probuphine implants deliver daily, consistent opiate replacement for up to six months and this implant method has several advantages.  There is no need for daily oral medication.  There is less risk of relapse due to a patient not taking the oral medication.  Implants cannot be lost or stolen or be used by other people.


Pain Management for buprenorphine patients

Our ARCH providers have extensive knowledge in management of buprenorphine-treated patients undergoing surgical procedures. Our providers have developed five protocols for peri-operative management of pain.  Together, our providers, the specialist and the patient will select a protocol most appropriate for the type of procedure the patient is having.