Signature Treatment Programs from Dr. Moore

Being addicted to opiates is a particularly hopeless state of both mind and body. You or your loved one has likely tried to quit multiple times and encountered barriers such as severe withdrawal symptoms, inability to work or inability to function at home.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced a pattern of getting through the majority of your physical withdrawal symptoms only to start using once again thereafter.

Not only can quitting on your own be dangerous, it is a brutal experience which often does not end with getting clean and sober and living a life of recovery. That is why we offer a comprehensive opiate detoxification program.



At ARCH, opiate detoxification means a controlled and medically supervised withdrawal from opiate drugs while under the care of a physician, using the proven methodology established by The Coleman Institute.  It means a novel approach with approved medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms to an absolute minimum - meaning patients undergoing our detoxification program are still able to work and function during their detoxification. It means lower failure rates with detoxification. It frequently means ongoing naltrexone therapy for at least a year.  

It also means beginning to work one-on-one with our team counselors and psychologists to jump start the recovery process at this critical juncture. Our therapist and care coordination team will help you set up a recovery program after your detoxification.  Should you choose to use our therapists, your therapy schedule will be individualized with your therapist, but we anticipate two visits per week for a month, then weekly visits for a month, then monthly visits for 8 additional months. We also offer an intensive outpatient program.  We engage our patients over the long-term because opiate detoxification, in and of itself, is not a cure for addiction. It is only the beginning. The behaviors that supported the addiction, and the chemical changes that took place in you or your loved one’s brain, are still very much in play. There is a lot of work to do beyond alleviating the physical symptoms of opiate dependence, and at ARCH, we do that work together, as part of a team. Recovery is a long process. Our evidence-based therapy program leads to greater success for you and your recovery.