The help that you need to get clean and sober, and stay clean and sober, is available at ARCH. You or your loved one deserves to be happy and healthy, so call us at 720-878-7055.

Many people who need help don’t know that it is available to them – perhaps they think that treatment is only for celebrities, or is a luxury they cannot afford. The truth is that affordable treatment is available for those that seek it out and are willing to make a commitment. The truth is that it is effective for those that suit up and show up and get honest. Continuing to live, day in and day out, in your addiction means choosing a brutal pathway through life. ARCH is a convenient, affordable, and effective option for those with a substance use disorder to receive long-term outpatient detoxification, medication, counseling and therapy.

We deliver outpatient services because we believe that it makes treatment more accessible to those in need. Our patients are able to continue to work and remain in their homes with their families, and experience how beautiful it is to be in recovery and go through their lives on Day 1. We do not believe that placing someone in an inpatient setting, where they get clean and sober while ignoring the lived experience of being in recovery in their own lives, is preferable or more effective for the vast majority of those struggling with substance use disorder.  Some patients do however need inpatient rehab, and we will help determine if that is the appropriate choice for each individual patient.  

ARCH employs an integrated treatment team of physicians, psychologists, counselors, nurses and others that specialize in addiction medicine. We provide medical detoxification to get our patients separated from the chemicals, and a program for recovery that includes medications, therapy, and counseling. All of our services are evidence-based, and are individualized to help our patients identify what real recovery looks like for them, and to lay out a plan of action for them to realize their specific goals. That is what real recovery means for patients at ARCH – a life of happiness, fulfillment, and healthiness.