ARCH Opens NEW Ambulatory Detox Facility

ARCH Detox announces the opening of a new two bed outpatient/ambulatory detox facility in Aurora, CO. Patients are able to receive outpatient detox services for opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines with one-on-one nursing support and an on-site physician at all times. Outpatient/ambulatory detox costs about 1/3 what a typical inpatient detox stay would require. During the outpatient detox the patient will also be set up with ARCH Detox's ongoing recovery treatment program with individualized therapy by our licensed psychologist, Dr. Dwight Duncan, and will also be set up for ongoing medical support by our addictionologist, Dr. Nathan Moore.

ARCH Detox uses several outpatient protocols for alcohol detoxifcation including phenobarbital and librium. Alcohol detoxification can be life-threatening, so it is important to have well-established protocols, continuous cardiac monitoring and one-on-one nursing support.

For opiate detoxification, ARCH continues to use the Coleman protocol, utilizing micro-dose naltrexone, followed by monthly naltrexone injections or a naltrexone implant.

"We have seen tremendous success for our patients utilizing micro-dose naltrexone. Even patients on methadone, who take up to 100 mg daily, are able to detox from methadone to ongoing naltrexone very comfortably."

Feel free to contact us at anytime to learn more about our detox protocols.