How Much Does It Cost?

It is not surprising that there is a cost for treatment, detoxification and recovery. These services are usually not free, unless sponsored by a non-profit or state-run service. What does it cost? How much is it worth? The website offers a great breakdown of the cost of inpatient rehab services. It is interesting to note that a study is referenced that looked at what patients perceive as the most important thing about a rehabilitation program. The thing that mattered the most to patients is cost. So let's be honest, all of the "amenities" offered by a rehab facility, such as swimming pool, spa therapy, equine therapy, etc. are really not that important. A patient and their loved ones want a patient to get well, and to get well at the most affordable price. Not surprisingly, these inpatient rehabilitation facilities suggest that a patient can be treated in a certain time frame, 30 to 90 days. But this is not realistic. Substance use disorders need to be treated over the long term. This has been studied and is proven. Why go to a 30 or 90 day "detox" or rehab when the problem is a chronic one?

ARCH Detox can and will offer you exactly what you need. A program that actually works for the long term at a fraction of the cost of inpatient rehab. Complete and physician-supervised medical detoxification and withdrawal symptom management. Ongoing therapy/counseling with our behavioral health team. Proven results. 12 months of therapy with brief interventional modalities proven to work in randomized trials. This what ARCH Detox offers.