ARCH Detox offers outpatient substance detoxification, withdrawal symptom management and ongoing recovery services.  All you need to do to be admitted to our programs is to call and make an appointment.  Or call first and speak with a medical provider directly to learn more about our programs.

Nothing is more important than knowing your treatment team is focused on you as an individual. At ARCH, our providers customize the treatment of each patient based on the patient’s life circumstances and their goals. Once we have identified what real recovery might look like for our patient, we work to create a plan that helps the patient get there. We are very involved in the execution of that plan - day in and day out. That is why ongoing counseling is so essential to the recovery process. Evidence demonstrates that individual counseling is the most effective treatment for maintaining recovery and preventing relapse. We track how things are going as you work to realize your goals, and adjust our treatments accordingly, in real time. That is what makes treatment at ARCH so special: an outpatient, open, flexible, evidence-based process that grows with you and around you as you grow in recovery.

Dr. Nathan Moore is Board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. Dr. Moore attended Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA for his undergraduate work and attended Duke University School of Medicine and obtained his M.D. in 1995. Dr. Moore then came to Colorado and completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Colorado’s family medicine program at Rose Medical Center. He provides comprehensive family medicine services and has a special interest in addiction medicine, treating patients with opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder and addiction to other substances as well.

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