Addiction Recovery Center for Healing


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ARCH is Denver’s premier outpatient substance abuse treatment center. At ARCH, we are focused on you - as an individual, who deserves to be happy and healthy and needs help to get there. First, we provide evidence-based medical detoxification in a safe, private environment. Then the real work begins. We provide a program for recovery, including medications, therapy, and counseling, that is built specifically for you. Here’s the best part: it actually works. Our patients get clean and sober, and they stay clean and sober – and they do so while operating in the “real” world, not just in a sterilized, walled-off setting.  ARCH might not be your first treatment for substance misuse or abuse, but it very well might be your last.

If you, or your loved one, is currently using substances (with or without an honest desire to recover) there is likely no more pressing problem in your life today. However, we would like you to know that you are not alone. In 2013, the most recent year for which statistics are available, it was estimated that some 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder (1.9 million of those were related to prescription opioid medicines, and 517,000 to heroin). Two people die in this country every hour due to opiate overdose. This is an epidemic, and it is only getting worse. The difference between you or your loved one, and ~90% of those 24.6 million Americans with a substance use disorder, is that you have an opportunity to get the evidence-based treatment you need. You have a chance to get engaged in your own care at ARCH, and as a result, a chance to live a beautiful, fulfilling life in recovery.